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Arashi on Marriage 1

12/28/06 08:34 pm - Arashi on Marriage 1

how was everyones xmas..did everyone get what they want?? have a good day??
London was so god dammed cold...i would understand if there was snow ..btu there is no snow! just cold, and grey and wet and miserable!! and windy!!! (×_×)
I know some poeple have posted this article translated already but i have only seen bits of it or only certain arashi members section...i think its form popolo
as usual i could rely on a certain tenshi/angel to ot only uploads scans but to upload them with mega good quality so i can read the kanji as well..thanks tess chan *hugs*(^_-)-☆
so far i have only done sho chan and oh chan cos i need to go take a bath but they only took me 30 mins so ill try post the others tonight...

SATOSHI OHNO – “A wife that can catch and prepare fish would be a perfect one (laughs)”

Marriage compatibility checklist for satoshi ohno
1. Same conversational topics
2. Same interests
3. Can cook
4. Kind
5. Isn’t fussy about food
6. Walking speed is the same as me
7. Find the same things important
8. Can drink
9. You have a stupid/immature side
10. Find the same things funny
11. Is free thinking/open minded
12. Isn’t fussy about clothes
13. is able to fish
14. can prepare fish that has been caught
15. Isn’t tight with money
16. Likes weird art
17. has a dream
18. Up for anything
19. Can be emotional
20. Can be friendly with my parents

Advantages if you marry oh-chan
1. Have a relaxed life- I think there are people who want their wives to wear their make up even if they are at home, but I don’t mind. And you wont have to diet, because I will like you the way you are so you can relax.
2. I will treasure our time together- Now, I often go to my friends house or go out for drinks but when I get married, I am thinking of stopping that. We will have loads of time to spend together as I will try and spend all my days off at home.
3. I will do all the washing up – When I was younger, I used to help wash the dishes to make my mum happy. So although I cant clean rooms, I can clean dishes. When we are married I will do all the cleaning up.
4. I will clean the bathroom – Apart foform washing dishes, the other house work chore I can do is cleaning the bathroom. So obviously I will do this too. I hope I will be able to help out as much as I can to keep you happy.
5. I will give you hand made pressies – everytime we have an anniversary or birthday, I will always make a handmade present filled with my love. If you want I will even make you your wedding ring. I want to give the person I love a one of a kind, original.

‘I think I will be able to live comfortably with someone like me’
If I was to get married, I would like someone who is like me. So when I noticed, all the points I raised here fit with me too (laughs). I mean, living with someone who is like you would definitely better. Firstly, if our tastes are the same we can appreciate the same things, and if you had the same interests to make things like me, we could make things together.
Even if you are not interested in making things, if our tastes and the things we like are the same, I think you would be able to understand my work. If our tastes match, it must mean that you like abstract/original art. It means you probably have an open mind and same sense of humour. They all sort of connect,
It would be ok if you weren’t that good at housework. Although I said I would like ‘someone who can cook’, I am the sort of person who finds anything tasty. Actualy, I would probably prefer not to have someone who was really gourmet and fussy about their food. I wouldn’t be able to drink with someone who wasn’t ok with a beer with cucumbers as snack (laughs).
When I said, someone who is up for anything, I meant someone who doesn’t plan every little thing, but can go with the moment. Someone who could enjoy a really unorganized holiday. Even so, when it comes to life, I think some organization is necessary. It would be nice if we could live towards our hopes and dreams together.

(OMg how much do you want to marry oh-chan...he is so cute!! can you imagine him making a ring for you..it would probably be beautiful..like him (*^_^*)

SHO SAKURAI-“Please could my wife stop me as I am short tempered”

Marriage compatibility checklist for sho sakurai
1. Is good at cooking.
2. Can separate waste.
3. We find the same things important.
4. Is friendly with their family.
5. Has manners
6. Can appreciate other peoples feelings.
7. Is openminded.
8. Can drink alcohol.
9. Is sociable.
10. Is liked by friends
11.Is excited by the same things.
12. takes their work seriously.
13. has a driving license.
14. Can stand by their opinion.
15.Likes music.
16. likes children
17. Has a cute smile
18. Is positive
19. Takes long baths even in summer
20. Will stop a fight.

Advantages if you marry sho-chan
1. I will take you on holiday – at the Sakurai household, every summer we used to go on holiday so when I get married I wanna go on family holidays often. Whether that is within japan or international, if you tell me where you wanna go I will take you there.
2. I will take videos – I f we go on holiday, we would have to keep our memories on video right. I will take the video for you. Even on holiday with friends, I an always filming(laughs). If I take the video I will also edit it.
3. I will look good when I eat- I am one of those people who eats a lot. People tell me my reaction to good food is really good. Im sure when I eat my wifes meals I will eat it with a look of happiness.
4. I will do celebrations properly – I will make sure we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries every year. Sometimes on MMA filmings, we meet granddads who havnt ever celebrates their wifes birthday, but I am going to give presents every year.
5. I will try and drive you around as much as possible – When we are on holiday, it would be nice if we could swap driving, which is why I put ‘has a license’ on my checklist. But I will try and drive as much as possible. I will try and pick you up and drive you places as much as possible.

‘ I wouldn’t be able to marry a girl without manners’
I think the main point would have to be someone who has the same values as me. I think it would really depend on this, and I wouldn’t be able to start a family with someone who has different values to me. I mean we would have trouble with finding conversation. I mean it would be awful if you said ‘ This really funny thing happened to me today…’ and the other person didn’t find it at all funny (laughs).
Also I would like someone who gets along with family. Someone who takes care of and gets along with people from current family would probably trasue the family they make with me. Also someone who has no manners is not good. A girl who suddenly spoke to one of my senpais in slang would be……..i need someone who understands that relationship.
Also if I could drink with you it would be nice. Even if you cant drink, someone who has the same energy as me would be fine. Even if you can take your alcohol, its fine. I have confidence that I wont loose (laughs). Also someone who has lots of sociable friends would be a plus. I like someone who is likes by colleagues, but I don’t mind if you have a lot of guy friends too. Because I would trust you…..which is kinda of a lie (laughs)…but I really I don’t mind if you had a lot of guy friends. Because someone who has is probably someone who had appeal as a human. I think it is impotant we can enjoy the same sort of atmosphere. Then we could collaborate with each others friends. If possible it would be nice to listen to ‘Fight Song’ and arouse the atmosphere! (laughs).
(KYAAAA. i wanna marry sho too!! i cant bring myself to translate the others...im gonna want to marry all of them...lol...)

scans can be found on tess chans vox..http://sakuraiba.vox.com/ (hope you dont mind i put the link tess chan).

also jsut to remind all...request are welcome n e time..

xxxxx much love xxxxxxx
p.s. i keep getting people saying...i hope you dont mind BUT ive added you as a friend....of course i dont mind!!! the more arashi fan friends the better..and its always nice to chat to people on msn too!♪

xxxxx  (^_^)v
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