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I know how frustrating this is but this lj will be friends only. My reason for this are:

1-random people i have never spoken to or heard of are adding me as friends.
2-I discovered one of my translations on another website which claimed it as theirs (it was definitely mine, it even had the same spelling mistake!!)
3-I dont mind people reading, using, taking my translations but i wanna know where there are going.

So...If you wanna be added as a friend, a small comment saying hi or an introduction on any of my posts would be nice.

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just a little message to all my friends!! i am so sorry i havnt been around and havnt contcted any of you beautiful people!!! my computer broke and it took them a wek to fix it..but i finally have it back and i finally have internet access !! i missed our guys sooo much!! and thanks to tess i have lots of amazing pics of sho baby with his muscles...tee hee!!!
n e way...sorry for not being around
forgive me
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New look !

I wanted to give my page a bit of a makeover.. i dont know if n e one has realised but they layout of my lj has changed about 6 times in the last 48!

but im settling on this one.. it reminds me of spring and summer and sun and just general happiness! what does everyone htink.. what can i improve.. my skills on photoshop arent great so bear with me ok! dont be too

also to let everyone know ill be posting oh chan and juns translation some time this eve or but tomorrow...

hope you are all well!
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firstly! there was a huge earthqucke in the south of japan! big that i felt it in tokyo.. it was such a wierd feeling...the whole building that i was in was was so strange! its only the 2nd earthqucke i have ever experienced in my life....

i watched a sp programme last night with arashi and a famous japanese spiritual counselor... it was sooo good! apart from being an arashi a fan of the spiritual counselor that was in the programme too....and our boys looked so hot as usual...and aiba chan was being really serious and was saying some really good stuff!! and sho chan was being all intelligent and presenter-like....he was even sitting in a completly diffrent place from the other boys (which i personally dont like...)

ive just finished translating aiba chan and shos part of wink up april.. but cos of the format of the interview im gonna post it up when ive translated all 5...sorry its taken me so long....wayy too much stuff to sort out right now!!! kyaa!!1
n e way..hope all my friends are well..what has everyone been up to ??

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i just thought i would give people the heads up on nino....
he will be on waratte iitomo on telephone shocking tomorow 13th march.
kuroki meisa called him just was so funny
they passed the phone over and the guy on the phone was like
'hello ...hello??' and i was like..this doesnt sound like nino....and it was AIBA CHAN!!! SOO CUTE!!
and he was like 'whoops...sorry wrong aiba aiba ...' so cute!
n e way then they passed the phone to nino chan and the other arashi members were in the background and they sang A.RA.SHI live on the phone,..!! lol!!
ne way i just wanted to let all nino and arashi fans know,!!!
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Its been ages

heya all!!!
im so sorry its been so in TOKYO now!!! at last!! weather is fine...and i hear that its gonna be really warm today... dont worry i am still translating, it just might take me a surrently doing the secret talk 2007 from the love so sweet long !! 30 mins!! man those boys can talk!! and then it the gorgeous tess chan or ne one else posts any scans up i will trans them too...
i reckon the earliest ill get anything up is in the next 2 weeks cos im moving into my new place this week and so i wont really have full internet access and acces to MY pc till 2 weeks on my godmothers at the i feel a bit bad downloading lots of stuff onto her comp..
and for the first time ever!!!! i saw MMA on a real tv screen and not a pc screen!!! so exciting!! and it was sho baby and oh chan!! cooking!! such a good ep...but i realy didnt like the kids or parents....putting cartier jewelery on a 5 year old girl...and a boy who cant eat supermarket fish.....
n e is everyone??? tell me all!!
xxxx ive been missing out on too much!!
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hey everyone...
sorry i havnt been around much.
i have been planning my trip to japan and been way to busy... i have finally got a moment ot myself so am translating myojo march issue from tess chans vox ..thanks♪...they are all asked the same questions so im just gonna post it in one go...ITS SO LONG!!!
50 questions each...5 members...250 answers..kyaaa!!!!
ive finished nino and sho and oh chan.. i dont think i will be ale to post them by tonight...sorry...
check my lj tomos when it will def be up!
how is everyone?!?
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i wish you all the happiness, success and luck for your birthday!

i decided i would celebrate by watching hachimichu to clover....its such a cute sweet and...just really really nice...when you watch it dont you just wanna give sho baby a massive huge hug! i love his geeky cuteness, and of course his shorts!

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Arashi on marriage 2

hope everone has, or has had a great night!!!
i got quite a coupld of messages saying that they have already read ninos trans of this so i have aiba chan and jun kuns one translated.

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I'm so sorry!!

Everyone i am soooo sorry!!!!
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Everyone i am soooo sorry!!!! <m(__)m>
i have completed aiba chan and jun's articles im just doing ninos...i have no time tonight but i promiss they will be up tomoro...i am so so so sorry!!*hits self*
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